Friday, January 17, 2014

Cleanflix (2012)

Directors: Andrew James, Joshua Ligairi
Run Time: 85 min.

"No doubt many of you recall the hubbub that ensued several years back when a group of Mormon businessmen and video retailers began selling 'sanitized' versions of big Hollywood movies like Titanic. The Directors Guild Of America first protested then sued, arguing that no one’s allowed to bowdlerize their work without permission. . . . The real story isn't just about intellectual property; it's about the daily difficulties that the devoutly religious have in trying to participate in mainstream American culture while retaining as much of the purity of their own beliefs as they can."
—Scott Tobias and Noel Murray, A.V. Club

Call Number: PN1995.63.U8 C54 2012  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Rape of Europa (2007)

Directors: Richard Berge, Nicole Newnman, and Bonni Cohen
Run Time: 116 min.

"On the surface, this dense, dynamic documentary, based on the book by Lynn H. Nicholas, takes on the high drama and difficult moral quandaries of Adolf Hitler's campaign to plunder the great artworks of Europe and the Allied effort to preserve and return them in the heat of World War II. But the story of Nazi Germany's industrialized pillage goes much deeper and the filmmakers expose a chilling facet of Hitler's final solution: the attempt to systematically eradicate Jewish and Slavic culture from top to bottom, as if to sweep away all vestiges of the races Hitler deemed inferior."
—Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post Intellgencer

Call Number:  K3791 .R37 2007